After the trial .. Warrior Women was born


We were put in touch after the trial, and after chat over email and then over WhatsApp we began to support each other. That’s when warrior women was born. Warrior5 chose the name as two fingers up to Michael Murphy, literally flipping the MM on its head.

We began to try and get his name out there. We know there will be other survivors. We need to know they are safe, that it’s not too late to get justice and they will be believed.

Warrior5 and I agreed to be filmed by the metropolitan police in order to try and get his name out there. It was strange but nice to meet another survivor.

We decided we all wanted to meet. We met in London, we talked about us, supported each other, drink Prosecco and celebrated. It was here we began talking about all if the things we had learned about the criminal justice system, the things we learnt to keep ourselves sane. We talked about all the things that were wrong and the things we wanted to do to change it.

Since that meeting our support for each other continues. We were always stronger together, but now we know we have each other’s backs too. We have a shared bond that no one else truly gets.

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