Loan a phone scheme

We are living in a digital age. The police and CPS are increasingly asking for mobile phones of victims survivors of sexual assault, whether it be a recent or historic case. This means that when an individual is feeling at their most vulnerable, their means of communication, their means of safety and support network is taken away. This could be for months or years.

We all have old mobile phones (and their chargers) laying about that we no longer need. How would you like to help us, help others? We are in the process of setting up a scheme, where we can lend phones to survivors who are required to submit their phone to the police as they search for evidence. We aim to pilot this scheme initially in South London.

How can I help?

  • Donate an old (but working) mobile phone and charger
  • Offer to be a collection point for donated phones
  • If you are an organisation that works with survivors and could help to distribute phones to those who need them
  • If you are an organisation that can offer support with the logistics

If you have a phone that you would like to donate or can help us in any way with collection of phones and charges, please contact us.

Contact us on by email at, on Twitter @warriorwomen_5 or on Facebook at We will then distribute these via a SOIT officer or ISVA.

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