The call that changed everything

By Warrior 2

Then we had a call to say there was another victim. Was I surprised? I wasn’t, because unfortunately people don’t change. My mind whirled as I tried to piece it all together, where were they in the timeline? Did they come before or after us? Could they be someone we met or knew of. The additional victim meant that this delayed ours as putting the cases together would make things stronger, we were backing each other up, we were showing a pattern of behaviour. So more waiting as they gathered evidence and conducted interviews.


I can’t explain how I felt when I found out there was another victim. I was floored. I always suspected I wasn’t alone, but to have it confirmed, to know that he put someone else through the things he put me through was devastating. But I also knew that we weren’t alone. Not only were the police acknowledging what he put my sister through, but there was someone else, someone we didn’t know, accusing him of the same thing.

It meant that our case, which had been passed to the CPS had to come back to the police to be investigated, it meant more delays. My advocate had already told me there was around a year’s waiting from the case being sent to a charging decision. It meant it would take longer, but I felt, I knew, that we were stronger together.

Not long after discovering there was another victim, we got another call. They had found another two.

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